Antilan Luomupihvit – Antila’s Organic steaks

Producer: Johannes Antila
Store manager: Terttu Antila

Our farm is located in Hämeenkyrö, 40 kilometers north east of Tampere. In our farm store we sell organic beef. We deliver orders to Tampere and nearby at least once a month, and also on request.

We produce organic beef from two breeds: Aberdeen Angus, a Scottish beef breed, and Eastern Finncattle, a Finnish landrace breed. We raise the cattle ourselves according to organic regulations. In summer the animals graze in pasture and feed only on fodder, ie grass, and in winter they are fed with silage and dry hay. Animals are slaughtered and cut in a small slaughterhouse 30 kilometers from our farm.

A few small price increases.

Price list below. E-mail your order:

Price List

Aberdeen Angus (Ab)

Prices € / kg

Tenderloin  40,00

Sirloin  32,00

Entrecote / Rib eye  27,00

Top round roast  22,00

Beef roast  21,00

Bottom round roast  17,00

Osso Bucco / shank  14,00

Brisket  16,00

Picanha / Rump cap  25,00

Iron steak  25,00

Flank steak  25,00

Bavette  23,00

Beef stew bone-in  12,00

Skirt steak 22,00

Maminha (tri tip) 25,00

T-bone steak  36,00

Petite Tender  25,00

Knuckle strips  19,00

Knuckle roast  19,00

Mince 7 %  15%  ja 25%
500g   15,80 €/kg
1 kg 14,30


Broth (Ab) 300 g  6,00

Eastern Finncattle (EF)

Prices € / kg

Tenderloin  30,00

Sirloin  25,00

Entrecote / Rib eye  22,00

Top round roast  21,00

Beef roast  20,00

Bottom round roast  15,00

Brisket  14,00

Picanha / Rump cap  –

Iron steak  –

Flank steak  –

Bavette  –

Beef stew bone-in  10,00

Skirt steak  –

Maminha (tri tip)

T-bone steak  –

Petite Tender  –

Knuckle strips  17,00

Knuckle roast  22,00

Mince 7 %   25%
500g  14,50€/kg

Mince – Packet offer: 3 kg Ab and 2 kg EF   68,00

Internal organs of both breeds: liver 10,00, kidneys, tongue  8,00

Minced liver  12,00


Trossitie 430-13
Hämeenkyrö, Heinijärvi

Opening times

Orders by email. Store is open on tuesdays 4PM-7PM and on saturdays 11AM-4PM.

Now we also have a cafe. Opening hours are the same as in the store.



Terttu Antila